Creating a Trauma Informed Berkshire County

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health has developed an initiative to increase public awareness about mental health issues through “Community Conversations”. In Berkshire County, we would like to have a conversation about being a “Trauma Informed Community”. We see this as an opportunity for educational, law services, business owners, medical providers, and residential citizens as a chance to understand what being trauma-informed is, and how changing our perspective, could enhance our entire community.

‘Trauma-informed’ generally refers to operating on the assumption that the majority of people with whom one will come in contact have experienced trauma in their lives. This perspective encourages individuals to ask ‘What happened to you,’ rather than ‘What is wrong with you,’ and to approach understanding an individual’s way of interacting with the world as being a reaction to their past trauma and environment rather than solely as an internal process, or biology. – Excerpt from the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community glossary of terms.

This event will be catered and is open to all persons who would like to participate.
An RSVP is recommended. 413-997-4444 or

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