Central Berkshire Hearing Voices Group

Central Berkshire Hearing Voices Group (4).png

Hearing Voices groups are open spaces for us who may hear, see, smell, taste, feel, and sense real things that most other do not, to come together and share what it is we experience. This group is completely facilitated by Peers! i.e. no clinicians, psychiatrists, doctors or anyone that would claim themselves an expert over any of our lives. Hearing Voices groups has a set of values, one of them is that we are the expert of our experiences, we determine the meaning of what we may hear, see or sense. This is a non-judgmental space where being free to speak and be heard is of main concern. Please understand that speaking if at all is optional, I know for myself when I began hearing voices it was difficult not to assume I was alone in it. For me, simply hearing that others were going through similar experiences gave an immense amount of relief knowing I was not alone. We are not alone.